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5305 10cric helpline number-IW16 Iridium-Nickel Spark Plug Specification Cross Reference IW16 44NS CR425XLS R44CXLS 405 4253 APP65 XP64 14-8D 0242229555 N11YCC W8DCX

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5305 10cric helpline number-IW16 Iridium-Nickel Spark Plug


Thread Size 〡   M14*1.25

Reach  〡 19mm

Hex Size 〡 21mm

Resistor  〡  Yes

Center Electrode Material  〡  Iridium

Ground Electrode Material   Nickel

Cross Reference

IW16  44NS  CR425XLS  R44CXLS  405  4253  APP65  XP64  14-8D   0242229555  N11YCC  W8DCX

Spark plug construction

Insulator: The insulator body is molded from aluminum oxide ceramic. In order to manufacture this part of the 10cric helpline number-IW16 spark plug, a high-pressure, dry molding system is utilized. After the insulator is molded, it is kiln-fired to a temperature that exceeds the melting point of steel. This process results in a component that features exceptional dielectric strength, high thermal conductivity and excellent resistance to shock.

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