92932 SILZKR7C11S Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug

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92932 football match today score-SILZKR7C11S Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference 92932 SILZKR7C11S 0242140523 9407 9407T04 RER8ZWYCB4 267700-5530 12290-R1A-H01 12290-R40-A02 12290R1AH01

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92932 football match today score-SILZKR7C11S Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug


Thread Size   . M12*1.25

Reach     28 mm

Hex Size  .   16 mm

Resistor   .    Yes

Center Electrode Material   .  Iridium

Ground Electrode Material  .  Platinum

Cross Reference

SILZKR7C11S   SXU22HCR11S  0242140523  9407   9407T04   RER8ZWYCB4    

267700-5530  12290-R1A-H01  12290-R40-A02  12290R1AH01  92932

Do I need a hotter or colder spark plug?

Heat Range

A “hot” plug has a slower heat transfer rate and is used to avoid fouling under relatively low chamber or head temperatures. What's confusing is that a “hotter” (higher performance level) engine requires a colder plug because more power equals higher cylinder temperatures.

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