SILZKBR8C8 Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug

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live bet games-SILZKBR8C8 Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference SILZKBR8C8 0242145541 12120038894 12120038896 12120039664 12120040581 ZR5TPP330 ZR5TPP330A ZR5TPP339OES

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Thread Size   . M12*1.25

Reach     27.5 mm

Hex Size  .   14 mm

Resistor   .    Yes

Center Electrode Material   .  Iridium

Ground Electrode Material  .  Platinum

Cross Reference

SILZKBR8C8  0242145541  12120038894     12120038896  12120039664  

12120040581  ZR5TPP330  ZR5TPP330A  ZR5TPP339OES

Should I have oil on my spark cricket doodle?

If the gasket is not sealed around the spark plug well it will leak oil into that area. It also could be a faulty valve cover (cracked), but it is more likely that the gasket is the problem. In my case it was a bad spark plug well gasket. Oil gets inside the tube and causes cylinder misfire.

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