3105 W27EDR14 Nickel Spark Plug

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3105 fc anyang-W27EDR14 Nickel Spark Plug Specification Cross Reference W27EDR14 3015 2526 0677002900 3129 BR9EQ-14 BR9EQ14 F9RQI-14

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3105 fc anyang-W27EDR14 Nickel Spark Plug


Thread Size  M14*1.25〕

Reach   20 mm 

Hex Size   21 mm

Resistor   Yes

Center Electrode Material   Nickel

Ground Electrode Material   Nickel

Cross Reference 

W27EDR14  3015  2526 0677002900 3129 BR9EQ-14 BR9EQ14 F9RQI-14

fc anyang spark Plug Gap 

Generally the applications with low cylinder pressures (low compression ratio) running lean A/F (Air/Fuel) mixtures have large recommended gap (around .050"), and applications with high cylinder pressures (high compression, forced induction - turbo, supercharged, nitrous applications,...) require spark plug gap smaller than .032".  The dense A/F mixture is much harder for spark to penetrate, and require much higher voltage (pressure).  Higher fuel concentration has the same effect (lower A/F ratio).  That reason is why high power vehicles (1,000 horspower and more) often run a spark plug gap as small as .016".  Some applications such as ProMod turbo cars using M1 fuel frequently run a spark plug gap as small as .012", even though they are equipped with some of the highest output ignition systems providing in excess of 60,000 Volts high current and high mJ power output.  

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