3129 BR9EQ14 Nickel Spark Plug

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3129 tennis zone ee-BR9EQ14 Nickel Spark Plug Specification Cross Reference ​BR9EQ14 3129 IRE01-27 W27EDR 0000-18-N203 N203-18-600 N246 18 600 N253 18 600 V91103105

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3129 tennis zone ee-BR9EQ14 Nickel Spark Plug

Specification ∥

Thread Size  M14*1.25〕

Reach   21 mm 

Hex Size   19 mm

Resistor   Yes

Center Electrode Material   Nickel

Ground Electrode Material   Nickel

Cross Reference ‖










tennis zone ee park Plug Gap ‖

running a large gap in high cylinder pressure application (which makes it very hard for spark to occur), will demand such a high voltage (electrical pressure) for spark to jump the spark plug gap, that the spark will find an easier way to the ground, possibly where the igniton wire is close to the ground (engine block etc...) or inside of distributor cap, inside of the ignition coil, on the outside of the spark plug (between the plug and the boot) etc...  In either way the spark will not occur between the spark plug electrodes inside the combustion chamber, and engine misfire will occur. 

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