3182 Q20-U11 Nickel Spark Plug

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3182 victory poker-Q20-U11 Nickel Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference Q20-U11 3182

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Thread Size   ◇  M14*1.25

Reach        19 mm

Hex Size        16 mm

Resistor          Yes

Center Electrode Material    ◇ Nickel

Ground Electrode Material    ◇ Nickel

Cross Reference

Q20-U11   3182   0242235666   F7DC  FR7DP  A-Line11 C9YC   

C9YXN4  067600-7081  BCP6ES11  K6F-11  BCP6EY11

What can spark winamax bonus tell you?

It turns out, the spark plug tells the story of your engine. The color of your spark plug is a valuable piece of information, it tells you how well your ATV is really running. ... A wet spark plug is usually an indication of a leaking head gasket, leaking rings, valve-train issues, or an extremely rich condition.

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