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7096 famous kabaddi players of india-ZFR5EGP Iridium-Nickel Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference AP5224 3135 K16GPRU11 7096 5224 FR7HC0X 1481 DR17LC1 RC11ZYC4 AGSP33CF4 AGSP54 4435

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Thread Size: M14*1.25

Reach: 19mm

Hex Size: 16mm

Resistor: Yes

Center Electrode Material: Platinum

Ground Electrode Material: Nickel

Cross Reference

AP5224  3135  K16GPRU11  7096  5224   FR7HC0X   1481   DR17LC1   RC11ZYC4   AGSP33CF4   

AGSP54   4435


The LPG/CNG product range spark bet365 online betting are intended for engines using gaseous fuel (LPG, CNG, GPL, METHANE). Their usage eliminates the negative changes that occur when using gaseous fuel, e.g. higher voltage requirement from the ignition system and higher temperature in the combustion chamber.


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