Auto Parts Double Iridium Spark Plug Dilkar7b11 22401-1la1c for Nissan

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1406 fc krasnodar-DILKAR7B11 Iridium-Platinum Spark Plug Specifacation Cross ReferenceDILKAR7B11 1406 224011LA1C 224011LA7C APP5683 0242140550 9412 REA9WYPB4 IXEH22TT VFXEH22

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Thread Size  M12*1.25

Reach   26.5 mm

Hex Size  14mm

Resistor   Yes

Center Electrode Material  Iridium

Ground Electrode Material  Platinum

Cross Reference












The fouling of insulator tip surface with combustion deposits reduces electrical insulation resistance . If the insulation resistance drops, there also occurs a drop in electrical voltage supplied to the spark plug from the ignition system. If, as a result of heavy fouling of the insulator tip, the insulation resistance decreases down to the value when the electrical voltage supplied from the ignition system is lower than the voltage required by the spark plug, there will be misfire of spark between the spark plug electrodes and a failure of the engine function.

Reduction of the insulation resistance from electric energy leakage on the insulator tip surface 

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