Platinum Auto Spark Plug for Peugeot 405 (EVX-BKR6)

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7938 betfair cricket uk-BKR5E Spark Plug Specification Cross Reference BKR5E 41800 AC5 786 14FR-8DU UXT1 3926 T25401 FR3LS 3924

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We guarantee that our betfair cricket uk-22401-ED71B plug, NGK VXU22 spark plug, betfair cricket uk-BKR7EQUP plug is reliable and that its performance and functionality meet the requirements of our customers within the permitted range. Our company adheres to the enterprise policy of 'seeking truth, innovation and transcendence' to realize the social value of enterprise existence. The goal of our company is to get customers who enjoy coming back to their business. We rely on high-quality product quality and a rich product series to provide you with a full range of solutions.

7938 betfair cricket uk-BKR5E Spark Plug


Thread Size M14*1.25

Reach 19mm 

Hex Size  16 mm

Resistor  Yes

Center Electrode Material  Nickel

Ground Electrode Material  Nickel

Cross Reference

BKR5E  41800  AC5  786  14FR-8DU  UXT1  3926  T25401  FR3LS 3924

Why betfair cricket uk Spark Plug?

The betfair cricket uk Spark Plug: Efficiency and Power

The betfair cricket uk Master spark plug has been designed, engineered and manufactured to provide maximum horsepower, torque, fuel economy and reduced emissions. betfair cricket uk design also gives the spark plug the ability to last many times longer than conventional spark plugs.

Our company not only sells Platinum Auto Spark Plug for Peugeot 405 (EVX-BKR6) from production to customers, but also pays more attention to matching them with the most suitable users. We are your next small business partner. Whether it is between internal employees, or external customers and suppliers, we uphold the concept of "mutual trust, sincerity", no exaggeration, no mutual suspicion, no deceit.
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