Supplier's High Quality Direct Ink Fountain Pen with Clear Tip and Replaceable Ink Bag

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3181 free strip blackjack-Q16-U Nickel Spark Plug Specifacation Cross Reference Q16-U A-line 16 BCP5ES K6TC K5TC K16-U MS851351 4783 BCP5E BK5E 22401-40V05

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We always pursue to keep pace with the world technology, develop generation after generation of superior free strip blackjack-K16PR-U11 spark plug, PTR5A-13 plug, NGK PLFER7A8EG spark plug with low price, and enhance the core competitiveness. We have the advantages of abundant inventory, fast and timely transportation and perfect after-sales service. We win customer trust through excellence in quality, reliability and innovation.

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Thread Size   ◇  M14*1.25

Reach        19 mm

Hex Size        16 mm

Resistor          Yes

Center Electrode Material    ◇ Nickel

Ground Electrode Material    ◇ Nickel

Cross Reference

Q16-U   A-line 16  BCP5ES  K6TC  K5TC   K16-U   MS851351  4783  BCP5E  BK5E  22401-40V05

What causes black soot on spark dafabet mobile app download?

If the gauge has a lot of room to wiggle around, your old plug may have worn down its center electrode, causing a gap that's too large. ... Black, dry, fluffy soot on insulator tip and electrodes. Overly rich fuel/air mixture, dirty air filter, too much. driving at low speeds, or idling for a long time.

With advanced equipment and superb craftsmanship, we focus on the development and production of Supplier's High Quality Direct Ink Fountain Pen with Clear Tip and Replaceable Ink Bag, and strive to meet the different needs of users through continuous practice and innovation. Facing the future, we will vigorously improve the overall level of the company, strive to enhance our own scientific and technological research and development capabilities. We always uphold and promote the spirit of vowing to be the industry leader and dare to be the first in the world.

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